About Us


It’s hard for people to find the best deals; it’s expensive for businesses to advertise. That’s where WatsOnSale comes in. Since 2008, WatsOnSale has embarked on a mission to save money and time for the Jewish community by making a shiduch between customers and businesses. What started as a simple website for just Shoprite and KRM specials has now exploded into a globally recognized portal where everyone’s favorite supermarkets are listed.This year is very exciting for WatsOnSale. Not only do we have a new design, we are also launching an iPhone app, an Android app, a shopping list tool, and so much more! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or issues.


Our Team:

Ari Simkin – Founder. Ari has over 8 years of experience managing one of the largest supermarkets in New York. This experience has enabled him to understand the needs of small businesses owners and customers.

Chaim Sash – Chief Technology Officer. Chaim is a sought after web designer and user experience architect who worked extensively on B&H Photo’s site among many other enterprise level projects. Chaim’s technology skills enable WatsOnSale to quickly implement new features and to constantly improve functionality.

People often ask about our name.
Why do we spell “what” as “wat”? One of the below choices are true… maybe.

  1. We doo knot now how 2 spell.
  2. WhatsOnSale.com was already owned by someone else and we were too lazy to try another domain name like MyWeeklySales.com or something.
  3. There is a deep, shocking underlying message. Whoever solves it will unlock the answer to the universe and create world peace.
  4. It’s really not supposed to be “What’s On Sale”. Rather, it’s “Watson Sale”. An homage to the great Watson from Sherlock Holmes.
  5. We did it such a long time ago that we don’t even remember the reason.
  6. None of the above.
  7. All of the above.

We’d like to hear from you if you think you’ve figured it out or if you have another great choice for us to add to this list.